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MumCentre - Partridge Pear Fine Favours & Gifts
Partridge Pear is the first in Singapore to design and introduce the most outstanding personalised gifts and favours that are fun, stylish and original. Our gifts and favours are suited for many occasions - Birth Announcements, Baby Full Month Gifts, Birthdays Parties and many more eventful celebrations.

We have wonderfully unique gift ideas such as Event Invitation Coffee and Tea Bottles, Thank You Jelly Bean Jars, Birth Announcement Gourmet Chocolates and Cookies, Birthday Party Food Invitations & Gifts, Wedding Favour Packages, Party Door Gifts and lots more!

We have so many different products waiting to be picked up by you today, all starting from as low as S$3.90 per package! Our customised gifts and favours are hand-made to create that special touch. Packed in our very own designer gable box, with a classic bow attached beneath the handle, you are sure going to love your personalised gifts and favours created by Partridge Pear.

Intricate gifts such as birth announcement story booklets, miniature chocolate bars and gourmet glass bottles are our favourites! What's more, if you're planning to invite guests to your party or event, you'll be having a FREE e-invite linked to our website, specially designed by Partridge Pear Fine Favours and Gifts.

To top it up, you have the option of having a baby photography session right at your home at an extremely reasonable price. Why not choose us for your Baby's Birth Announcement, Full Month Package or your Child's Birthday Party Invitation and Thank you Gifts? We assure you that our quality is the finest on the market!

MumCentre - Red Eggs & Ginger Party - The Full Month Celebration
In the Chinese tradition, the first month birthday of a newborn calls for a celebration. It is the time for proud parents to host a red egg and ginger party to announce their latest addition to their family. Invited guests come to the party with red packets if the newborn is a boy and jewelry if it’s a girl. In appreciation, the host will hand out red eggs to all guests.

The red eggs and ginger parties came about due to high infant mortality rates in ancient China. A newborn who reaches one month of age is likely to survive and thus families call for celebration. This is also the time when the new mother emerges from her confinement period. The new mother is considered weak after birth. To allow her to recuperate and to keep her from any possible virus or bacterial infection, she would go through the month long confinement period resting indoors.

Traditionally in the male dominant Chinese culture, red eggs and ginger parties were sometimes held only if the newborn was a boy. Baby girls back then might have gotten only a small family dinner for celebration.

Today, the red egg and ginger party is hosted for all newborns, regardless of their sexes. Party standards and ambience have evolved over time, with an ‘East meets West’ concept. They have gotten more elaborate - from restaurants to party organisers and buffets. However, the red egg tradition remains as an important part of the celebration.

Check out the many Baby Full Month Gift packages that Partridge Pear has to offer, including many other personalised gifts and personalised greeting Cards to celebrate the full month of your child!

MumCentre - Premium Photo Card and Poster Package
Introduce your baby to your family and friends in Partridge Pear's designer Premium Photo Cards & Posters! Purchase this Premium Photo Card and Poster Package at $120 or if you are already ordering their Birth Announcement Packages, simply upgrade to this package for just an additional $70.

There is no hassle for you and your baby. All you need to do is dress him or her up and Partridge Pear will go directly to your home for the photography session.

Premium Photo Card & Poster Package includes:

- 1/2 hour Baby Photoshoot at your home
- 1 Matte Lamination A3 Poster
- 24 Premium Photo Cards (a replacement of standard birth announcement cards at the ordered quantity will be given for all Petite Packages)
- 1 Premium e-Invite for your Baby's party

Partridge Pear - Singapore's Personalised Baby Full Month Gift,Full Month Celebration, Corporate Gifts Pack & Corporate Events & Card .